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Management Platform

GLOSE is a platform that allows you to manage the assets of a heritage, all its maintenance activities and associated costs. It allows maintaining a history of all assets and provides maintenance indicators to support the decision.

Maintenance management software

Main Features:

  • Physical asset management
  • Creation of preventive maintenance plans
  • Activity planning
  • Work order management
  • Stock management
  • Sla’s management
  • Document search and consultation
  • Reading of codes (nfc, qr code and barcode)
  • Automatic file association
  • Online and offline operation
  • Operation on android system
GLOSE EAM - Global Solutions. TDGI Portugal


The “core” system allows the team responsible for the management and operation of the assets, through their pc, to follow and plan all the activities in progress or planned, receiving information in real time about the entire operation.


On the portal, work requests can be made simply and quickly. Through an internet connection, the requester can accompany the request, checking if it is approved or what the current situation is.


It allows operational staff (internal or service providers) to receive information on new jobs to be performed, status reports, indication of the start and completion of work and execution of the maintenance plan, via smartphone.

  • GLOSE EAM. TDGI Portugal